Lancashire Flag

Lancashire Flag

This flag which bears the Red Rose of Lancashire on a gold background has been registered with the Flag Institute. The colours, red and gold, were chosen because these are the colours on the Lancashire Coat of Arms. The Flag Institute is in the process of registering flags for traditional counties. As the Friends of Real Lancashire represents the whole of Lancashire it was felt appropriate that we should submit a design to the Institute.

We stock and sell three sizes of flag printed on polyester suitable for flying on Lancashire Day or other occasions. Heavy duty flags suitable for permanent display would be far more expensive.

Flags may be purchased by mail order by either writing to:

Any cheques to be made out to "F.O.R. Lancashire" once confirmation of order given.

  • One 3ft x 2ft flag is £5.55 inc. post & package.
  • One 5ft x 3ft flag is £14.55 inc. post & package
  • One 8ft x 5ft flag is £17.55 inc. post & package 

Please remember to include your name and address with your order and that postage and packing may increase if more then one item is ordered.

Or:-  the quickest way by - using our online shop on this website to see our full range of Lancashire Flags and other Lancashire related items.

Lancashire Flag Certificate