Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Olive Riley

Olive Riley


 For her extraordinary service to the Lancashire Authors Association.


As the Vice Chairman and Competitions Secretary of the Lancashire Authors Association, Olive's tireless dedication has been pivotal in keeping the historic, 114-year-old institution vibrant and relevant. Her work in promoting Lancashire literature and history has not only enriched our cultural landscape but also kept the flame of local literary heritage burning bright.


            Olive's many years of commitment to the Association have been instrumental in its success. All agree that the Lancashire Authors Association would not be what it is today without her invaluable contributions. Her efforts ensure the voices and stories of Lancashire continue to be heard and celebrated.


Receiving a Lancastrian Award is a fitting recognition for Olive, underscoring how integral and appreciated she truly is. Her work goes beyond mere administration; it's about nurturing a community of writers, storytellers and historians who collectively celebrate and preserve the rich tapestry of Lancashire's literary legacy.


Olive, thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to Lancashire's literary world. You are an inspiration and a pillar in our Lancastrian community.