Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Canalside Activity and Environment Centre - Blackburn

Canalside Activity and Environment Centre - Blackburn


For your outstanding contribution to outdoor education and community engagement.


Located in Mill Hill, Blackburn - and therefore representing Lancashire's historic Blackburn Hundred - and run by a dedicated team of scouting volunteers, the centre has been a beacon of adventure and learning for young people. In the past year alone, over 5,500 youths from across Lancashire have benefited from the centre's diverse and engaging activities.


Thanks to a generous grant, Blackburn Scout and Guide Groups have enjoyed free access to the centre. The team's collaborative efforts extend beyond scouting; they've partnered with local schools and charities like Sliding Doors, The Deaf Village, Access Ability, Night Safe, and Roots Community, making a real difference in the lives of many.


Their partnership with Super Slow Way has also brought a series of vibrant community events to life throughout the year.


The Canalside Centre offers a plethora of activities: canoeing, kayaking, axe throwing, archery, catapults, bushcraft, shooting, pond dipping, a Harry Potter Hunt, mountain biking, and team building. Each activity not only fosters a sense of adventure but also instils teamwork and environmental awareness.

Congratulations Canalside Activity and Environment Centre for your remarkable work in bringing the joy of the outdoors to our youth and for making a positive impact in our community.