Lancastrian Awards 2023 - John Gilmore

John Gillmore


For his remarkable contribution to broadcasting in Lancashire through his work with BBC Radio Lancashire and beyond.


John, affectionately known by many as 'Gilly', has been a familiar and beloved voice across Lancashire, spending 18 years at BBC Radio Lancashire, on top of 20 years in local commercial radio. His broadcasts have consistently celebrated the lives, work, and stories of the great people of our county.


Gilly's deep passion for Lancashire is evident in every show he hosts. He has brought to light the unique tales of countless towns, villages, and individuals, weaving a rich tapestry of what makes Lancashire so special. His work goes beyond mere reporting; it's about connecting people, sharing experiences, and highlighting the vibrant culture and community spirit of Lancashire.


His voice has become synonymous with the heart and soul of Lancashire, offering not only entertainment but also a sense of belonging and pride to listeners across the county.


Congratulations John for your outstanding contributions to Lancashire's broadcasting landscape. Your dedication, warmth, and genuine love for the county have made you not just a broadcaster but a cherished part of Lancashire's identity.