Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Peter Sweetmore

Peter Sweetmore

For his incredible service to the Rossendale community over a great many years!

Peter is affectionately known as 'Mr Rossendale,' and he exemplifies selfless dedication and, in this capacity, he's a representative of Lancashire's historic Hundred of Salford. His tireless efforts all year round have enriched the lives of countless individuals in Rossendale and further afield.

From his work on the radio over the years, organising Easter and Christmas events to music festivals, he ensures that the community enjoys a range of free events.

Peter's contribution extends beyond event organization. He is deeply committed to helping the needy, demonstrating a profound sense of compassion and care for those around him. His work is a beacon of community spirit and generosity.

Balancing his extensive community work, Peter is also a devoted carer for his wife and plays an active role in helping with his grandchildren. His ability to juggle these responsibilities while continuously serving the community is nothing short of inspiring.

Peter Sweetmore is not just a community organiser; he is a pillar of Rossendale, a symbol of kindness, and an example of the extraordinary impact one person can have on their community.

We applaud Peter for his exceptional contributions. His dedication, love and hard work are what make Rossendale and Lancashire truly special.