Lancastrian Awards 2023 - KTB Music - Kate Bradley


Katy Bradley


For their exceptional contribution to community spirit and Lancashire's musical heritage.

Founded by Katy Bradley, a proud Lancashire lass, KTB Music embodies the true Lancastrian spirit. Through well-being singing sessions, community choirs, and performances, they have been a harmonious force in the community, singing songs that beautifully portray the Lancashire we know and love.

Katy, alongside her colleague, also a Lancashire native, formed the duo 'Lanky Stuff'. They perform songs and poems deeply rooted in Lancashire, including original works, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of our county.

Katy generously donates her time to perform at local events, especially during Christmas, bringing joy and the uplifting power of song to community meals and gatherings. Her efforts go beyond entertainment; they foster community connection and celebrate our shared heritage.

KTB Music draws inspiration from Lancashire's picturesque countryside and the vibrant life it offers. Their dedication to sharing and preserving our county's musical legacy is truly inspiring.

Congratulations KTB Music for their dedication to enriching our community with music and for being a bright light of Lancastrian pride and joy.