Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Chris Dickson


Chris Dickson


For his extraordinary acts of kindness and community service in Lancashire.


Representing Lancashire's historic hundred of Lonsdale, Chris, a gardener by profession, exemplifies the true spirit of selflessness. His dedication to his elderly customers is heartwarming. Throughout the winter months, he not only tends to their gardens but also delivers homemade soup and grits their driveways during icy conditions, all free of charge.

Remarkably, Chris has been battling cancer himself for seven years and is now cancer-free. His resilience is further tested as his wife faces an aggressive stage of breast cancer, and his daughter Maisy battles type 1 diabetes since a very young age. Yet, through these personal challenges, Chris’s commitment to helping others never wavers.

Adding to his generous efforts, Chris organises an annual Halloween display. The donations received from this event are dedicated to Cancer Care North-West, providing vital support to others in the community facing similar battles.

Furthermore, in gratitude for the support he received, Chris donates 10% of his monthly earnings to Cancer Care, consistently contributing to the organisation that once supported him. His generosity extends beyond one-time gestures; it's a continuous commitment to giving back.

We congratulate Chris for his compassion, resilience, and dedication to making a difference. His actions not only bring practical help to those in need but also inspire hope and a sense of community, especially in the Lonsdale area.