Lancastrian Awards 2023 - The Mulberry Community Project

The Mulberry Community Project


Rooted deeply in Blackpool - and therefore representing Lancashire's historic Hundred of Amounderness - and run by true Lancashire souls, the Mulberry Community Project exemplifies what it means to embody the Lancastrian spirit. Their dedication to helping not only local Lancashire folk but also those 'aliens from over the hills' showcases their boundless compassion and community spirit.


The impact of the Mulberry Community Project is profound and life changing. Their work doesn't just offer assistance; it saves lives, changes lives, and gives people a chance to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Under the leadership of Keith Stevenson, this Blackpool-based initiative has become a beacon of hope and support, truly representing the ethos of giving, caring, and making a difference in the community.


Their dedication and hard work are what make Lancashire a community of warmth, resilience, and unity.