Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Helen Crane & Gilly Atkinson

Helen Crane and Gilly Atkinson.

Wyre and Fylde Community Defibrillators Fundraising


In just over two years, Helen and Gilly have achieved an incredible feat, starting with a single defibrillator in Fleetwood and expanding to a remarkable total of 41 across the region. Through their tireless fundraising efforts, they've raised over £60,000, a testament to their dedication and the community's support.


Representing the historic Hundred of Amounderness, their work extends far and wide, and far beyond fundraising. They personally manage the defibrillator units, ensuring they are emergency-ready by regularly replacing pads, batteries, and maintaining supplies. This hands-on approach demonstrates their unwavering commitment to saving lives.


Helen and Gilly also lead CPR and defibrillator awareness sessions, further contributing to the safety and well-being of our community. Their efforts in educating the public are as vital as the life-saving equipment they provide.


These extraordinary ladies have dedicated their time and energy, all voluntarily, to make Wyre and Fylde a safer place. They truly embody the spirit of selfless service and community care.


We congratulate Helen and Gilly for your hard work and commitment in saving lives and making a real difference in Lancashire.