Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Stephanie Fallon and Our Green Warrington

Stephanie Fallon


Our Green Warrington


Warrington's Stephanie Fallon has been awarded a Lancastrian Award for her inspiring leadership in Our Green Warrington, where she does great work around that part of the historic Hundred of West Derby that's so rightly known as the gateway to Lancashire.

Fuelled by a newfound appreciation for green spaces during COVID-19, Stephanie was driven to actively influence the planning and design landscape of Warrington. Her vision is to create developments that not only rejuvenate the town centre but also enhance the community’s quality of life with aesthetically pleasing, safe accommodations, surrounded by valuable green spaces.

With the support of her father, a veteran activist in the area, Stephanie has developed a robust and informative website, This platform stands as a beacon of her commitment, offering insights into urban development that respects Warrington’s architectural heritage, sense of place, and community well-being.

Stephanie’s collaborative efforts with the local council, the design community, and beyond have been pivotal in ensuring that Warrington’s development projects not only acknowledge its rich historical roots in West Derby Hundred but also pave the way for a sustainable, community-centric future.

Let’s celebrate Stephanie Fallon and Our Green Warrington for their proactive role in shaping Warrington, the gateway to Lancashire, into a model town that balances modernity with tradition and urban development with ecological mindfulness.