Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Keep Darwin Tidy

Keep Darwen Tidy

For their incredible environmental stewardship in Darwen.

Day in, day out, the volunteers at Keep Darwen Tidy are out in force, come rain or shine, dedicating their time to clean up our streets, parks, and rural areas. Their commitment to picking up litter daily is beyond compare, showing what true community spirit looks like.

Their hard work has had such a significant impact that the local council has had to employ additional staff to keep up with the vast amounts of recycling, litter collection, and the reporting of fly-tipping that these dedicated volunteers manage to accomplish.

Keep Darwen Tidy's volunteers are not just keeping our town clean; they're setting a shining example of how collective action can lead to real, positive change in our environment. They're true environmental heroes, making a substantial difference in our community.

Congratulations to the Keep Darwen Tidy group for your unwavering dedication and for making Darwen a cleaner, greener, and more beautiful place for us all. Your hard work and community spirit are what make Lancashire proud.