Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Neil Whittingham

Neil Whittingham


For his passionate advocacy for the preservation and promotion of Lancashire’s identity and boundaries.


Neil's enthusiasm for educating others about the rich history and distinct boundaries of Lancashire is commendable. He is a dedicated advocate for our county’s unique heritage, always eager to share knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of the region of Lancashire and its continuing significance.


As the Treasurer of the Standish Community Forum, which is a proud member of FORL, Neil plays an instrumental role in promoting Lancastrian heritage in Standish. This includes the annual reading of the Lancashire Day Proclamation every 27th November, celebrating our county’s history and culture. As a Standish lad, he represents the historic Hundred of Leyland.


Neil’s dedication extends into his professional life as well. He successfully advocated for his firm of accountants in Wigan to embrace Lancashire in their official address, a significant step in affirming our county's identity. Now a partner at NRB, he continues this commitment, ensuring that client addresses reflect the pride of being in Lancashire.


Neil Whittingham’s efforts go beyond mere promotion; he is a custodian of Lancashire's legacy, educating and inspiring others about our county's rich heritage, distinct identity and our shared future.


Congratulations Neil for your unwavering dedication to Lancashire. Your contributions reflect the deep-rooted pride and passion that define the spirit of our county.