Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Sammy Jane Nye - Darwin Community Helpers

 Sammy Jane Nye

Darwen Community Helpers


For their extraordinary impact on the Darwen community.


Based in Lancashire's historic Hundred of Blackburn, Sammy Jane Nye, with her incredible resilience and compassion, has been a pillar of support in Darwen. Despite facing her own health challenges, including battling breast cancer, her dedication to helping others has never wavered. Her efforts through Darwen Community Helpers have been nothing short of inspiring and the new organisation will undoubtedly help many more people into the future.


From organising community events like car boot sales and the 'Dine and Huddle' vegan event to setting up a charity hub, Sammy has created welcoming spaces for all. These initiatives provide an opportunity for people to come together, enjoy themselves, make new friends and rekindle old friendships in a warm, inviting atmosphere.


Sammy's charity hub is more than a place to browse items; it's a community haven where anyone can sit down for a brew, have a chat, and feel a sense of belonging. Her diamond art classes not only offer creative outlets but also foster community connections.


Beyond these events, Sammy's personal touch has been a lifeline for many. Her support network extends deep into the community, offering help, hope, and positivity. Her proactive approach and creative ideas continuously bring the community together, making Darwen a better place for everyone.


Congratulations Sammy Jane Nye and Darwen Community Helpers CIC for your unwavering commitment to the community. Your work embodies the true spirit of Lancashire – caring, resilient, and community-oriented.