Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Julieann Seaton

Julieann Seaton


For her outstanding contributions to the Lancaster Community


Julieann, from Lancaster and therefore representing the Lonsdale Hundred, has been a beacon of hope and support in the community through her incredible work with the food club.

Dedicated to helping families, Julieann tirelessly collects and purchases produce to ensure those in need have access to nutritious food. Her commitment goes beyond just providing meals; she actively participates in meetings and works relentlessly to secure resources for the food club.

Her kind-heartedness and genuine desire to help others embody the true spirit of Lancashire. Julieann isn't just running a food club; she's nurturing a community and making a significant difference in countless lives.

We congratulate Julieann for her outstanding contributions. Her dedication, kindness, and hard work are what make Lancashire a wonderful place to live.