Lancastrian Awards 2023 - Hugo Webb

Hugo Webb



Representing the Salford Hundred, Hugo has been an instrumental force in the community, especially through his initiative 'The Brew Crew'.


A dedicated volunteer with Talk About It Mate for over 18 months, Hugo initiated The Brew Crew in November 2022. This brilliant project aims to combat loneliness and social isolation, whilst also offering support amidst the cost-of-living challenges. His efforts have created a warm and welcoming space for many in need.


Hugo's journey is one of resilience and inspiration. Overcoming personal challenges post-pandemic, including battling anxiety that made it difficult for him to leave home, he has demonstrated remarkable strength and determination.


Now, Hugo is taking his commitment a step further by setting up his own community organisation, Friends in need Salford (FINS), with his partner Kaz. This initiative promises to extend his reach and impact within the community even further.


Congratulations Hugo for your outstanding contributions and for truly embodying the spirit of Lancashire. Your dedication, kindness, and remarkable journey are what make our community stronger and more connected.