Millennium Map of Lancashire

Millennium Map of Lancashire


Lancashire - The Geograpical County, The County Palatine of Lancaster.  This map shows the boundaries of the traditional/geographical county of Lancashire which were in place by 1100AD.


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This map shows the boundaries of the traditional/ geographical county of Lancashire which were in place by 1100AD, and which have remained unaltered ever since.

The traditional county of Lancashire is distinct from the administrative county, created as recently as 1888, and which bears the same name.

The County Palatine came into being in 1351 under the authority of Edward III therby empowering the Duke of Lancaster to rule the county as a kingdom within a kingdom.  The Palatine became attached to the crown in 1399 and the Monarch has been the Duke of Lancaster ever since.

The map shows the true County and has information about its creation and was commissioned by the Friends of Real Lancashire.

Price £4.50 plus postage and packing.


Folding good quality full colour one sided paper map 15 x 21 (8" x 6") when closed opening up to 800 x 600 (32" x 24") showing the County of Lancashire.

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