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Lancashire Boundary Walk - Back on Track - Day 10

29 June 2018 06:50

On June 23 Philip resumed his Lancashire Boundary Walk. he was pleased to say that his back is much improved thanks to Woodlands Physio at Hutton and plenty of exercises and swimming which I have done regularly.

Day 10. Susan took him to County End (East of Oldham) from where I finished on 7 June. I walked along the Medlock Valley Way towards Grains Bar and then on the Crompton Circuit towards Cherry Top Farm on the A 640 Huddersfield Road.

Susan had visited a garden centre and read a book while waiting for him

They met up at Barny’s Bar Restaurant close to the Lancashire / Yorkshire boundary and went in for a drink. The landlord told him the pub was in Lancashire situated by a spring that runs into the River Tame. Philip suggested to him that he thought he was wrong as all the boundary maps I have seen put the pub in Yorkshire. Anyway that’s for another day when he has time to visit Lancashire Archives in Preston. 

All in all a very enjoyable day with superb views
Only 5.5 miles today, but enough to get him going again. Next session will be on Monday when he hopes to get to Todmorden.

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